Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amina Masterchef Australia S4 in KL....

huwaaaaaaaaa pasai apalah dia nak dtg bln2 pose nie...datang lah lepas raya nnati boleh saya pi tgk...korang ada tgk tak kast astro lifetime channel 709 Masterchef Australia Season 4...syokk oo tengok sbb derang nie hebat giler memasak....saya suka audra ngan Amina....walaupun amina tak menang tp saya suka..sbb mak dia org korea so pengaruh korea dlm masakkan tu mmg tak tinggallah....lai satu kagum sbb dia islam and nak tau camner dia handle bab2 halal haram part masak2 masa dlm masterchef tu...sbb kdg2 ada dlm mystery box yg smlm tu ada pork klu tak silap....klu lah boleh jmpa dia menda tu yg saya nak tanya...hehe

nie adik saya dah bakor2 ajak pegi nie...masalah skrg nie bln puasa 1, hari nie pegi keja ngan mydear 2, dia buat malam 3, eman kesian dia nnti 4....sbb yg ke4 yg plg utama sekali..takperlah kita tengok dia dalam tv jerlah malam nie...eh mlm nie takder sbb mlm nie pusingan elimination...

serba sedikit info mengenai Amina ELshafei...

Amina Elshafei

State: NSW

Age: 27

Amina is blessed with culinary expertise that originates from two different parts of the world - the Middle East and Asia - thanks to her Egyptian dad and South Korean mum.

Close to both her parents, but a self-confessed “Daddy’s girl”, Amina lives with her younger sister Eman, with whom she would one day love to own a funky but traditional Middle Eastern mezze restaurant.

“Eman would run the business and I would cook!”

Amina was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to Australia in the late 1980s. As a child, family life was centred on food and weekend trips to the produce markets. Her mum cooked through the week and father at the weekends - both bringing old family recipes and techniques to the table. Amina remembers the pickling her mum used to do and the fridge being full of jars and fresh vegetables.

“To get me started they would give me the bad jobs - peeling onions!”

As well as cooking, her childhood and teenage years were very focused on education and with degrees themselves, it was important to Amina’s parents that their children did well in their studies. Amina is now a paediatric nurse and her sister is studying law.

One of Amina’s proudest achievements in her life so far is buying a house - for which she saved for a long time. Initially she found it very tough being away from her parents but feels good about it now.

“It has been really good for me and made me independent.”

Amina is always giggling and says she is an optimist. She is very proud of her ethnicity and Muslim background and spends most of her time with her friends and family. She loves to prepare big barbecues either at her house, or at her parents. Amina also loves music.

Amina says French cooking - and pastries - are her weakness. Her favourite ingredient is olive oil.


Hazeman Huzir said...

Oh! I have met her too.. below are my experience with her:


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