Friday, January 30, 2009

A Trip to Cocoa Boutique

bru jer balik lunch nie tp sempat singgah kat cocoa boutique nie..klu sapa2 penah pegi kat tugu dia ada Tugu Hillview cafe kat kitaorg dok mkn kat situ lah..after that mcm byk masa lai so ajak derang pi situ ngan niat tuk beli coklat to my dear..

chocolate ini adalah buatan malaysia dn ada diantara perisa²nya terdiri dr buah²an exotic malaysia seperti papaya, durian, mangga, nenas, kelapa and ada jugak choc tongkat ali tau huhu... tapi harganya adalah agak mahal sket lah..hehe

~the entrance~

~kdtgn yg disambut oleh si kucen bunting~

~rack of chocolatier~

~the durian choco~

~nice choco~

~my choice of choco~

~us in front the shop~

~like an old house stairs~

~for you dear~


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Cliff II...

The film begins with a scene in Cao Cao's camp. Cao Cao's soldiers were in the midst of a game of Cuju and he was watching the game closely with his generals and advisors. Sun Shangxiang had disguised herself as a soldier and infiltrated Cao Cao's camp where she acted as a spy for the allied army. Cao Cao was impressed with the performance during the game by a soldier named Sun Shucai and appointed him as an officer in charge of a thousand men. Sun Shangxiang was secretly noting down details about Cao Cao's army and had sent reports to Zhuge Liang via a pigeon. She bumped into Sun Shucai, who did not suspect her identity, and the two of them became fast friends.

At the same time, some of Cao Cao's soldiers had died from an epidemic which was starting to spread amongst the troops. Cao Cao's army physician Hua Tuo advised him to cremate the corpses as soon as possible instead of burying them to prevent the epidemic from spreading further. However, Cao Cao decided to hold a ritual for the dead and sent the corpses on rafts towards the allied camp, hoping to contaminate the allied army as well. Some of the allied troops and civilians unsuspectingly brought the corpses ashore and started stripping them of whatever that was valuable left on them, such as armour. However, Zhuge Liang tested one of the corpses with a needle and found it to contain a contagious disease. He warned the allied army and had those who were in contact with the corpses quarantined.

Cao Cao's intention in sending the corpses to the allied army's camp was to pass the plague to them as well and affect the allied army's morale. Later, Liu Bei decided to leave the alliance with his followers, much to the frustration and disappointment of Sun Quan, Zhou Yu and the forces of Eastern Wu. Zhuge Liang stayed behind to assist the forces of East Wu. Before leaving, Zhao Yun told Zhou Yu, "We would meet again." When Cao Cao heard that the alliance had been broken and Liu Bei's forces had left, he was overjoyed and threw a celebration party. Cao Cao's naval commanders Cai Mao and Zhang Yun proposed a new tactic of locking the battleships together with chains to minimise rocking when sailing on the river and reduce the chances of the troops falling seasick. Cao Cao applauded this new proposed tactic and praised the commanders.

Subsequently, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang made plans on how to eliminate Cao Cao's naval commanders Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, and produce 100,000 arrows respectively. They agreed that whoever failed to complete his mission would be punished by execution under military law. As for Zhuge Liang, he predicted that there would be a fog three days later so he suggested shortening the deadline to three days instead of ten, as proposed by Zhou Yu. Three days later, Zhuge Liang set off with Lu Su along with a fleet of about 20 small boats covered with hay and straw, as well as mounted with scarecrows. Cao Cao's navy, led by Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, noticed the incoming enemy fleet and decided to engage the enemy but they did not dare to venture further into the battleground for fear of falling into an ambush, as there was a thick fog over the river. Cao Cao's army fired arrows at Zhuge Liang's fleet but the arrows were stuck in the hay and straw so Cao Cao's navy lost more than a hundred thousand arrows to the enemy in that single battle.

On the other hand, Cao Cao had sent Jiang Gan, who was a former fellow student of Zhou Yu, to the allied camp, in hope that Jiang might persuade Zhou Yu to surrender. Zhou Yu received Jiang Gan warmly and held a banquet in his honour. During the banquet, Zhou Yu performed swordplay and when he drew his sword, a piece of paper fell out from the scabbard. This drew the attention of Jiang Gan and he wanted to see what was written on it but Zhou Yu snatched it back and hid it into his sleeve. Later, Zhou Yu went out to meet Cheng Pu, who told him he had important military news to report. Jiang Gan eavesdropped on the conversation and overheard that Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were planning to rebel and kill Cao Cao. Jiang Gan was shocked and believed it to be true. Later that night, while Zhou Yu was apparently asleep, Jiang Gan secretly stole the letter from Zhou Yu's sleeve. He read it and verified that Cai and Zhang were indeed planning to assassinate Cao Cao and present Cao's severed head to Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu woke up suddenly and told Jiang Gan groggily this was meant to be a ruse before falling asleep again, but Jiang Gan believed that the letter was genuine.

Cao Cao received the letter from Jiang Gan who had returned from Zhou Yu's camp and read it, but he dismissed it as one of Zhou Yu's strategies to trick him into killing his subordinates. However, his suspicions increased after he heard that the navy led by Cai Mao and Zhang Yun which went out to engage the enemy fleet led by Zhuge Liang had lost tens of thousands of arrows to the enemy. He suspected Cai Mao and Zhang Yun of harbouring the intentions of killing him so he took another letter written by Cai to compare the handwriting and style of writing and verified that the letter was genuine, although it was a fake one. He remarked with sarcarsm that Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were very 'generous' in 'donating' arrows to the enemy, before having them executed on charges of treason. Later, he discovered that he been fooled and was furious with Jiang Gan so he had Jiang poisoned to death during a banquet.

In the allied camp, Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu congratulated each other on having completed their respective missions. They were discussing their plans to launch an attack on Cao Cao's army, saying that Cao Cao would be angered after being fooled and would attack them within the next couple of days. At that moment, Sun Shangxiang returned from Cao Cao's camp after she managed to escape when her identity as a spy was uncovered, with the help of Sun Shucai. She had secretly noted down details of the conditions and formation of Cao Cao's army on a long piece of cloth which she wore on her body. Now that the East Wu forces were updated with information on Cao Cao's army, they planned their next move, which was to attack the enemy using fire. However, Zhou Yu realised that the North-West Wind was blowing at the moment, which was to their disadvantage if they were to attack using fire. Zhuge Liang then mentioned that he knew that it was possible for the wind to change direction and the South-East Wind would blow, but now that Cai Mao had been executed, no one else in Cao Cao's army knew about this special climatic condition.

In the meantime, Cao Cao was also planning to use fire to attack the East Wu army. Cao Cao personally inspected his troops and those who had been infected with plague. He made a speech and rallied the morale of his troops, such that even those who had fallen ill all stood up and cheered 'Victory!'. While in East Wu's camp, Zhou Yu and his generals were busy preparing fire-based weapons which can be ignited and hurled towards the enemy. Huang Gai proposed to Zhou Yu that he feign surrender to Cao Cao, so that their chances of victory would be higher. He wanted Zhou Yu to have him flogged severely with any excuse of breaking military law, but Zhou Yu did not heed his suggestion and said that he would not treat a good general in that manner. Before the battle, the forces of East Wu had a final moment together, feasting on glutinous rice balls to celebrate the Winter Festival. As for Liu Bei's forces, Liu Bei's subordinates were unhappy with him for leaving the alliance and gave him the cold shoulder, before picking up their weapons and leaving.

Zhou Yu learnt that his wife Xiao Qiao had secretly left the camp and travelled alone to Cao Cao's camp. Sun Quan told Zhou Yu that he would order a small army to encircle Cao Cao's camp and break in from behind to rescue Xiao Qiao but Zhou Yu refused, saying that the army must be united as one. Xiao Qiao journeyed to Cao Cao's camp alone and was received by a happy Cao Cao. She attempted to persuade Cao Cao to give up his ambition to conquer East Wu, for the sake of the common people and spare them of further bloodshed, but Cao Cao ignored her. She threatened to commit suicide but Cao Cao stopped her. Meanwhile, Zhuge Liang had returned to Liu Bei's camp and it was revealed that Liu Bei's departure from the alliance was in fact a ruse to put Cao Cao off guard. They were still part of the alliance. Xiao Qiao distracted Cao Cao by asking him to taste the tea she had prepared and she had a long chat with him on the art of tea to hold his attention while the allied forces were making plans for the fire attack which would be carried out at night.

The signal arrived when the South-East Wind started to blow and the allied forces launched their full attack on Cao Cao's army. Cao Cao was taken by surprise and he was suddenly seized with a headache. The smaller boats of East Wu burst into flames as they neared Cao Cao's naval forces and crashed into the larger battleships, setting them alight as well and the flames started to spread throughout Cao Cao's navy. On another front of the battleground, Liu Bei's forces started to launch their attacks on Cao Cao's forts. After the battleships had been set aflame, the allied forces launched a full-scale attack on Cao Cao's camp. A bloody battle ensued shortly after in which both sides suffered heavy casualties. Gan Xing of East Wu was wounded during the battle when hit by arrows and he decided to launch a kamikaze-style attack during his final moments by grabbing a bunch of explosives and throwing himself at the gates of the enemy fort, blowing up the gates as well as himself.

By dawn, Cao Cao's navy had been completely destroyed and he was only left with his ground army. The allied forces launched another offensive against Cao Cao's infantry and calvary and managed to break through Cao Cao's forts until they reached his main camp. The allied troops split into groups and enclosed themselves in shields to protect them from the fire and advanced towards Cao Cao's main camp. Another bloody battle started and eventually the allied forces had Cao Cao besieged in his main headquarters. Zhou Yu fought his way into the headquarters and met Cao Cao but both sides were pointing their swords at each other, but Cao Hong was also present there. Zhou Yu was faced with two opponents and retreated carefully until they were outside the headquarters. The allied commanders then reached the headquarters and were facing Cao Cao directly. Sun Quan had an arrow fitted to his bow and he wanted to shoot Cao Cao but when he saw that Cao Cao was holding Zhou Yu hostage he hesitated.

At that moment, Xiao Qiao appeared atop a tower beside the headquarters, being held hostage by Xiahou Jun. Luckily, Zhao Yun fought his way up the tower and knocked Xiahou Jun away from Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao fell off the tower but was rescued by her husband. Sun Quan fired the arrow at Cao Cao and hit Cao's hairband, which came loose and Cao Cao's hair flowed down. Now, the situation had been reversed and Cao Cao was at the mercy of the allied forces but eventually they decided to spare his life and tell him to leave and never to return. Before the film ends, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang are seen having a conversation, with Zhou Yu asking Zhuge Liang to stay and help to govern the world well instead of returning to his farming life. Zhou Yu also commented that he had forged an unforgettable friendship from the battle, which was an important lesson he learnt. Xiao Qiao then presented Zhuge Liang with the newborn foal, named Mengmeng, and told Zhuge Liang that she did not want to see her become a warhorse. The film then ends with Zhuge Liang walking into the far distance with Mengmeng.

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Zhang Fengyi

Chang Chen

Lin Chi Ling

Zhao Wei

Nakamura Shidō II

Hu Jun

source: wikipedia.


Movie Best..

Last monday kitaorg blk dr kg dlm kul 4 lebih dr smpi kl around 6 lepas ronda² kat nilai smpi² rumah punggah barang and mendobi bagai and rehat untill magrhib.. dlm pada relax² tu i ask my dear if he want to watch movie...dia ponx apa lai terus bukak web gsc.. tgk2 mcm takder citer best end up he booked for underworld movie.. act saya tak berapa nak suka sgt citer tu sbb pnh tgk kat tv mcm borink jer..i didn't notice yg inkheart tu adalah citer yg saya dok tunggu² tu..

so saya ponx dgn redha jerlah nak pi tgk citer underworld..tetapi tetiba my dear ckp nak tgk red cliff..dia ckp citer nie bestlah pong, pang, pong pang, bla, bla..dlm hati saya ckp 'duhai borinknye' saya ckp takperlah kita tgklah underworld sbb red cliff tu cm tak best jer..

so lepas magrhib tu kitaorg mkn dulu kat umah sbb my mom ada bekalkan lauk bleh lah berjimat sket.. around 8.30 mcm tu kitaorg bertolak ke alamanda nak pi tgk movie kat situ jer sbb dekat ngan dlm perjlnan my dear ckp lai nak tgk red clif bla, bla, bla...sbb my dear nie minat sejarah so dia adalah sgt minat dgn cerita² yg ada unsur² sejarah nie.. siap pi search kat wikipedia lai dlm tu adalah sebut cao cao lah, lui beng lah bla, bla.. so end up saya setuju jer ngan citer yg dia nak tgk sbb dua² citer ponx saya tak suka [frankly speaking lah]...sampai² jer pi beli tiket dulu sbb movie tul kul 10.. and kami ponx pi shoping kat care4 dulu ngan express sbb masa tu dh kul 9.30 lebih kurang..

sblm tgk movie haruslah posing tak cntik plak gbrnye..mesti my dear nie dh tak sabar² nak tgk red cliff smpi mensabotaj gbr saya... :( menci tau dh posing baik punyer tu.. so msklah kami dlm wayang dn tenguk wayang...




~10 minit~




~30 minit~


~1 jam~

tetiba mak saya col plak..masa tu dh kul 11..saya tak angkat tetiba terfikir mcm tak sedap hati plak sbb fikir kenapa dia telepon dh malam² mcm tu.. so saya ngan berat hati kuarlah telepon..

saya: hello, mak nape col?
my mum: takder nak tanya td rncgn masak² tu apa channelnye..
saya: lah ingat nak tanya apa td..[ketawa] 703 lah mak..

so lepas tu borak2 ngan skjp dgn mak saya dlm 5 minit.. dlm hati tak sabar² nak letak phone nak smbg tgk citer red cliff nie..oke done lari masuk blk dlm wayang wpun ada rasa nak ter***..huhu

~1 jam stgh~




~ 2 jam~

movie ponx abis..saya kuar dr wayang tu ngan senyum smpi ke telinga sbb citer itu adalah sgt, sgt, sgt best..siap ckp nak tgk lai sekali hahaha.. so saya sgt suggestkan lah citer nie sbb dia punyer teknik peperangan adalah sgt hebat dn bijak wpun tentera mereka tak seramai tentera dia next entry apa lai yok red cliff II..


Piknik @ Gunung Ledang...

since all of us balik kg raya cina ari tu my sis plan to go to air terjun gunung ledang to bring all the kids there...

so kitaorg bertolak dlm kul 10.45 dr umah..planning awal nak pi kul 9 tp tunggu my bro dulu dr S.A. dia smpi around 10 plus ngan my mom nak ikut sekali thats mean kami kenalah msk dulu sbb nnti blk² for surelah lapar bangat..

so kitaorg pegi ngan 2 buah keta jer..muat jer sbb kids stkt 5 org huhu org dewasa ponx 7 dad tak ikut sekali ponx sbb sebuk ngan biz dia.. sian dia dh 2 kali tak dpt join kitaorg berpiknik..takper next time klu plan ke mana2 kenalah bwk dia..

dr umah ke gunung ledang tak lama amik masa dlm 20-30 minutes jer sbb dkt kan sbb gunung ledang adalah dlm kwsn tangkak jugak..smpi jer2 kena byr dulu..mahal lah keta kena byr, org ponx kena byr...dlm keta kami ada 4 dewasa, 1 kanak² dan juga 1 keta = RM6.50..keta RM2, Dewasa RM1 & kanak² 50 sen...

smpi jer parking tgk penuh adalah agak rmi sbb cuti kan..tetiba ujan plak gerimis² tp kami teruskan jugak perjlnan sbb alang² dh smpi haruslah teruskan perjlnan itu..dr parking amik masa dkt 10 minit gaklah bergelut ngan little kids yg age around 1-9 years..bygkan lah yg sorg tak nak jln, kena dukung..yg kena dukung mmglah kena dukung..ada plak yg dok sebuk lompat2 kat tangga smpi nak tergelincir huhu..lai ponx my mom had problem with her leg so perjlnan adalah slow..

bila tiba kat kwsn air terjun tu tgk punyer rmilah org.. susah tul nak cri parking letak punggung..hehe since kami ponx takder lah bwk mknan aka bakul piknik and my mom ponx tak larat nak berjln lai so kami park jerlah kat tmpt yg sesuai..

air dia adalah sgt jernih serta sejuk sgt2...budak2 tu mandi kejap jer..anak my bro lai plak refuse tuk turun kat dlm air dok nangis² plak..doi hai so sorg tak mandi..mak² org serta my bro mmglah tak mandi..yg mandi sapa lai kami lah..huhu tp kami dok paksa juga adik suh mandi wpun tak lencon..hehe tp bestlah, yg tak best sbb ramai org kami tak bebas membuat aksi sdri and kami terpaksa plak menjdi babysitter for all those kids yg masuk dlm kolam tu..

kami mandi tak smpi sejam ponx sbb semua dh start naik takkan kami berdua nak berkubang lai dlm tu..dn dlm pada itu hujan ponx turun so apa lai balik lah..tak yah tgu time kita gi lai yer dear mandi smpi puas and jln smpi oooooooooo.. in the end balik smpi rumah semua dh kebulur..sib lah msk awal2..hehe

~dh smpi dh~

~jln masuk~

~beratur nak byr ticket entry..depan tu kereta my sis~

~gbr lain nan ado..kena tgu gbr dr my sis~


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double Entry...

~Bye Bye KTM~

nampaknya komuter akan kehilangan seorang pelanggan akibat ketidakcekapan mereka menghandle crowd serta kesesakan yg saya rasa bleh dihandle..

mgkn saya akan menggunakkannya sesekali sekala...

diharap mereka dpt meningkatkan kualiti pekhidmatan mereka..

selamat tinggal komuter..

p/s: entry tak bleh blah kan..huhu


~Welcome New Family~

mesti tertanya2kan mengapakah saya tidak menggunakan komuter lai..

adakah saya telah bertukar tempat keja?? [hope so]

adakah saya tlh menjd surirumah tangga??

kerana family baru telah dtg dlm hidup kami..

~si harimau yg sungguh kuat huhu~

~dh bertmbh lagi satu family kami~


Jalan Jem...

ini adalah gbr yg saya amik dispjg perjlnan saya pulang ke kg..amik gbr jem jelah..huhu act kuar umah masa tu kul 12 lah lebih kurang..kuar2 dr Tol Putra Mahkota jln dh jem dh..adoi hai teruk betul jemnye dkt sejam stuck siblah gerak..huhu kitaorg pi melaka dulu sbb ada kenduri my dear punye cousin kawen..gbr tak der amik sbb i malu you..hihi btw adalah sgt panas disana sbb dh sbln tak dlm kul 5 cm tu kitaorg dh gerak ke kg saya..tak jauh ponx 30 minit dh smpi..


Nasi Ambang...

Nasi ambang merupakan makanan yang popular bagi masyarakat jawa. Di kalangan orang jawa, ia dikenali sebagai Nasi Ambeng. Biasanya, makanan ini dihidangkan diwaktu kenduri arwah dan kenduri2 yg dilakukan secara kecil2an. Namun begitu tradisi jawa ini telah menular dikalangan masyarakat melayu yg lain dikampung2.. jika di perhatikan memakan nasi ambang ini adalah bertujuan utk merapatkan silaturahim dikalangan ahli keluarga serta penduduk kmpung.

mengapa saya kata begitu??
ini kerana nasi ambang ini adalah makanan yang dimakan didlam dulang dan kebiasaanya utk satu dulang boleh dimkn seramai 4-5 org.. makanan plak terdiri dari ayam (kari, kicap or msk urap), mee grg, sambal grg, serundimg kelapa, sayur kacang dn ikan masin..dn yg paling mudah adalah tidak perlu menyediakan pinggan mangkuk so amatlah mudah..basuh jer dulang..huhu

kenapa saya bercerita begini?
sbbnye ari tu kat kg kitaorg mkn mknan ini huhu...kitaorg tak sediakan ponx my sis punye mil yg bg..sbb dia mmg org jawa so mmg sedaplah cara mskkan..klu cara mskkan mak saya dh lain..sedap jugak tp dh takder lah keaslian jawanye...huhu adakah saya jawa?? tah ek saya ponx tak tau..mgkn ada cmpuran tp tak byk sbb my mom is not jawa for sure sgt..hehe but my dad i didn't know lah..hehe

~inlah lauk2nye~

~dihidang bersama nasi dan didlm dulang serta diatas tikar~

~our lunch last monday~

gbr masa mkn tak amik sbb semuanye nmpk kepala lutut so adalah tidak sopan gitu..huhu
for my dear it was a new experince and so suprise that he like it..


Friday, January 23, 2009

Limau Mandarin...

nak ckp adakah ini satu coincidence sbnrnye huhu...
td masa otw balik dr satu tempat tu kitaorg ponx borak2 lah..
saya: abg, takder dpt limau mandarin ke?
my dear: ada..melambak2 kat opis tu tak abis mkn..*** tak dpt ke kat opis?
saya: takder ponx MP nie kedekut..huhu
my dear: *** nak ke?
saya: ari apa? khamis ke sbb rabukan abg pi site..
my dear: yerlah. bleh tahankan klu letak atas meja jer?
saya: ala org nak mkn skrg jugak.
my dear: ari tu kat psr mlm ada tak mo beli..
saya: tak mo org nak yg free.. nak jugak, nak jugak..

begitulah conversation derang yg telah melalut kepada cerita lain..
sampi2 jer umah tgk org sblh dok park keta mkn ke umah kitaorg..
wah hangin dh bdan ingat org takder ke..
so saya buatlah muka2 kerek buka pintu gate..
cengkonon cm tak puas hati sbb my dear susah nak msk..
so tetiba....

jiran sblh: pis ko amik limau tu jap.. (saya dgr saya sayup2 jer)


jiran sblh: amiklah limau nie..abg bagi..bru balik keja ke?
saya: ha apa nie? oke tima kaseh yer..bila nak pindah?
jiran sblh: ujung bln 2 bru pindah..
saya: byk lai ke tak siap.
jiran sblh: ada sket2 lai..nak blk dh takot bising jiran2 marah..
saya: owh yerlah..tima kaseh yer..

saya ponx masok umah ngan my dear and gelak sama2..korg phamkan kenapa..huhu
apa2 ponx selamat tahun baru cina tuk yg merayakannya...


Cuti Hujung Minggu...

Menunggu detik2 nak brcuti nie membuatkan semakin malas saya nak mengupdate blog dismping kedebaran (bleh ke perkataan nie?) menunggu sst membuatkan smkin berkobar2 kemalasan.. huhu

so cuti lama2 nie apa yg korg buat??
saya esok insyallah akan pulang ke kg..
tp sblm tu pi kenduri kawin my dear punye cousin kat melaka..
so lepak2 sana dulu and after that bru blk my kg..
my sis dh plan hari ahad tu nak pi piknik kat air terjun..
best gak tu dr dok umah takder wat apa2 haruslah aktiviti begitu dijlnkan..

mybe kami akan pulang dari kg awal sehari iaitu ari isnin tuk mengelakkan kesesekan jln raya yg biasa berlaku..
blk awal bleh gak wat apa2 yg patut kat umah..
plan nak wat karipap mcm ari tu ngan dua inti yg berbeza memndgkan stok karipap yg ada ponx dh abis td so haruslah wat stok blk..

atau ponx mgkn kami akan menonton wayang sbb kami dpt tiket free..

akan tetapi blm tau lai citer apa yg nak ditenguk..sekarang nie apa ek citer yg best.. dh lama tak pegi tgk movie..

selepas itu pegi mkn kek free secret recipe hehe..
semua ponx free best2 saya suka..
semua org ponx suka kan free..hehe

apa2 ponx kwn selamat bercuti..jumpa lai next week..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mary Kay...

ala ari nie takder mood plak nak menulis blog..tadi lepas assembly bulanan ada mkn2 so saya mkn lah ala2 jer tp kenyang sesangat..ini sbbnye pagi td dah bfast roti gardenia coklat 2 mkn lai kat opis masa jamuan bertmbh kenyang saya..

balik opis borak2 ngan derang nie smbil agak2 lah klu dh gelak disamping kekenyangan smbil menyebabkan saya rasa nak termuntah plak.. adoi hai.. so dok diam2 smbil wat keja n layan lagu romantik yg slow2 gitu seperti kerna ku sayang kamu dr dygta, the divine masters, yuna dan akhirnya, terima kasih cinta afgan, ayat2 cinta, bla, bla, bla...huhu

owh yer sdg2 borak td my apa ek nak pngil beauty consultant (BC) kot..ceh mcm bagus jer..huhu act dulu sblm kawin saya pki produk mary consultant nie akan col and wat follow up lah nak tau perkembangan oke ke tak..sbb nnti klu tak oke dia akan tukarkan ke formula lain...sbg brg nie ada money back okelah saya guna hampir 6 bln jugaklah..

so bila dh abis guna tu saya malas lah nak beli sbb brg nie agak mahal sket saya guna yg my dear punye pencuci muka sbb brg 1st yg abis adalah facial cleanser..moisturizer and mask ada bila dh pki tu terus jerlah share ngan my dear pencuci muka dia eversoft jer..murah ponx murah.. kedai runcit ponx ada jual huhu so tak yah pening2 kepala nak fikir nk beli dismping mengikut kemampuan serta berkesan..

selang sebulan lebih abis plak moisturizer dia..smpi kering saya kerjakan pmoisturizer try lah guna moisturizer lain..pki olay.. mula2 ada effect gak lah naik jerawat besar2 stlh lama tak naik jerawat..citt bru je eksen ngan mak saya mingu sblm tu.. bahana lah tu..huhu tp tetap jugak pki sbb sygkan dh lepas jerwat tu dh baik kering saya gunalah olay far oke jer muka saya..

skrg nie saya cuma pki mask aka scrub mary kay jer...mgkn saya tak pki dh kot pas nie produk nie..sbb saya dh serasi ngan produk saya skrg nie so malas lah..and saya skrg nie sdg dlm proses berjimat cermat kerana sbb2 tertentu...huhu

so td BC nie col tanya bleh tak saya jd host..suh carikan org so nnti dia dtg bg consult lah.. saya ckp saya try sapa2 yg berminat bleh lah contact saya yerp...nnti kita set kan date and masa klu korg berminatlah..

untuk rujukan korg

Formula 1 (for dry skin)

Formula 2 (for normal skin)

Formula 3 (for oily skin)

saya pki yg formula 2 tapi toner saya guna formula 3..produk nie dia mcm custom produk leh padankan pki formula 1, 2 or 3... so nnti BC tu akan suggestkan apa yg sesuai tuk kulit muka korg..sbb tulah amat penting klu nak beli tu kena dpt consult dr sapa2 berminat do contact me oke..


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

IKut Orang Shopping...

semlm masa lunch hour kitaorg kuar kejap pi medan mara..tujuan utama saya adalah tuk amik bju yg ditempah..bju tu amik sbb nak pki weekend nie.. tp tak smpt lah nak menjht bling2 sbb lagi 2-3 hari pki lah bju yg kosong tu..nnti saya mskkan gbrnye yer..

skrg nie saya nak citer psl ikut org shopping..sbbnye lepas pi medan mara kami ke sogo plak sbb ada org nak survey2 perfume..saya suka jer sbb saya suka perfume2 nie cuma tak suka yg baunye bleh menyakitkan idung serta membuatkan saya loya hingga mau termuntah..huhu

~jalan2 kat sini dan bau2 sana sini~

~pas tu bau kopi nie sbb kepala dh pening bau perfume~

~pas tu jalan2 kat sini plak~

saya tak menyopping ponx cuma peneman serta menjadi adviser kepada mereka..seronok jugak ikut derang sopping nie tak pening kepala..hehe derang telah menyopping


dan ini
~CK euphoria blossom~

bau dia sedap perfume nie..tapi saya lebih suka perfume yg ini




~CK Euphoria~

klu dpt 50ml ponx dh bersyukur sgt..dpt yg miniature ponx yg 15ml saya suka jugak..sbb saya dpt yg mcm kat bwh nie ponx saya dh suka...hehe saya ponx perlu merewardkan diri saya jugaklah spt kwn saya ada org nak bg saya..huhu

lepas tu perut ponx dh lapar apa lai mkn lah..klu kat sogo mknan yg tersedap adalah apa lai nasi ayam dia serta apple juice yg gelas bsr tu..klu juice dia mmg saya bleh abiskan tak elok ek org kata..saya ponx tak tau napa..mgkn sbb sejuk berais kot... utk kesihatan dlman lah kot..huhu tp takper sesekali jer..

~tak sabr nak mkn..bila dh mkn bru prsn lupa nak snap pic..huhu~

~apple juice yg best~

saya nan ado soppingnye sbb gunakan duit tuk kegunaan lain...tak sabar dh nak tgu...tguuuuuuuuuuu huhu..


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