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Potty Training..Am I Ready?

semenjak dua tiga menjak nie asik jer terfikir nak potty train eman...sbb bln 11 nie eman ponx dah nak 3 tahun dah...klu ikutkan awal lah lai tp konon saya terfikir nak htr eman pi playschool next year...sbb ada syarat kata klu nak atr anak dah tak pki pampers dah...yerlah klu mcm smart reader tu ada ker masa derang nak salin2 kan pampers anakan...lai ponx bila dah hantar anak pi playschool sbnrnye kita nak ajar anak kita utk lebay berdikari lai...

bila usulkan pada mydear dia ckp takperlulah sbb dia masih mampu lai nak beli pampers eman...huhu yerlah baru anak sorg bley lah bkn tu maksud mydear sbb dia mls lah nak leceh2kan...sbb nak potty train nie kena ada kesabaran yg tinggi...cth mcm klu anak terkucil tak sempat nak pi bilik air kita tak bley marah dia, dah lah tak bley marah lepas tu nak kena cuci plakkan hehe...

mcm mlm tadi lepas mandikan dia and dlm masa nak amik bju and pampers dia dah terkucil dlm towel...erm mula2 nak marah dah bila fikir2 balik kena bg dorongan nasihat dan cakap jerlah ngan dia...tak tau lah dia phm ker tak mcm blur2 ponx tulah sbb sblm tu dia ada ckp ngan saya mama yayak...hehe eman berak ngan kencing sama jer perkataan yang dia guna 'yayak' 1st thing rasanye saya kena ajar dia differentiate atr kencing dan berak...

so kat bawah nie tips yg saya dapat dari laman web drypers utk share ngan korang...

Some tips and advice for successful potty training:

  • Relax – don’t obsess about toilet training. It will happen eventually.
  • Don’t start too early – The best age to start is usually between two and three.
  • Never punish your child - Accidents are normal. Praise success, but don’t punish accidents.
  • Give your toddler plenty to drink. This helps achieve results on the potty.
  • Lead by example. Leave the door open when you go to the toilet so your child can see how it’s done.
  • Make sure their potty is easily accessible so they can reach the potty quickly on their own.
  • Buy a potty for your toddler’s doll or teddy and place it next to your toddler's potty. This makes it more fun to go.
tips mudahlah kiranye nie...penah gak terfikir nak belikan potty utk eman tapi mydear selalu akan ckp nnti klu eman berak sapa nak buang...haha tp sbnrnye saya nak beli jenis yang attach kat toilet bowl tu...yg jenis ada span gbr katun2 tu...

klu google byk tips dan step yg bley kita gunakan utk potty train anak2 nie...

10 Steps for Potty Training...

Assess your child’s readiness

Most people begin training when their child is about two, but some kids may not be ready until well into their fourth year. Watch for the right signs, such as imitating others’ bathroom habits, and don’t pressure your child to start before he’s ready. It’s worth running through a basic checklist to see if he is ready.

Buy the right equipment

First and foremost, this means investing in a child-sized potty or a special seat to attach to your regular toilet. Whichever you choose, make sure your child can stabilise himself with his feet so he can push when he’s having a bowel movement. You may also want to pick up an explanatory picture book or video for your child to help him get interested in training.

Create a routine

Sit your child fully clothed on the potty seat once a day — after breakfast, before his bath, or whenever else he’s likely to have a bowel movement. This allows him to get used to the potty and accept it as part of his routine. If he doesn’t want to sit on it, that’s okay. Never restrain him or physically force him to sit there. And especially don’t push the issue if he seems scared.

In both cases, it’s better to put the potty away, or at least aside, for a few weeks or a month and then try again. If he’s willing to sit there, fine. But at this stage, don’t even try to explain why he should use it; you just want him to get used to the thing. Make sure it’s always in a convenient place — since it’s portable, your child’s potty can be used in the garden or the playroom.

Ditch the nappy

Sit your child on the potty seat without a nappy. Again, let him get used to what it feels like to sit there this way. At this point you can start explaining that this is what Mummy and Daddy (and any older siblings) do every day. That is, undressing before you sit down to go to the bathroom is the grownup thing to do.

If he gets the idea and produces something, that’s fine. But don’t push him to perform. Again, wait until he’s ready and demonstrates a clear interest in using the toilet on his own.

Explain the process

It may help to show your child where his bowel movements go. The next time he goes in his nappy, take him to his potty, sit him down, and empty the nappy beneath him into the bowl. This will help him make the connection between sitting and producing. After you’ve emptied his potty into the big toilet, let him flush it if he wants to (but don’t make him do it if he’s scared) so he can see where it goes. Teach him to dress himself and wash his hands when he’s done.

Foster independence

Encourage your child to use his potty whenever he feels the urge to go. But make sure he knows that he can tell you, too, and that you’ll take him to the bathroom whenever he wants you to. If you can, let him run around sometimes without a nappy (or any clothing below the waist), with the potty nearby. Tell him he can use it whenever he wants to and remind him occasionally that it’s there if he needs it.

Grab some training pants

You may like to try using training pants. Some children like them and they help, others just think of them as a slightly different type of nappy and they defeat the object of the exercise. Some children are encouraged by having real underwear instead.

Handle setbacks gracefully

Virtually every child will have several accidents before being completely trained during the day and at night. Don’t get angry or punish your child; after all, it’s only recently that his muscles have developed sufficiently to allow him to hold his bladder and rectum closed at all. Mastering the process will take time. When he has an accident, calmly clean it up and suggest that next time he try using his potty instead.

Introduce night training

Even when your child is consistently clean and dry all day, it may take him several more months or years to master night training, so don’t throw away his nappies just yet. At this age, his body is still too immature to reliably wake him up in the middle of the night just to go to the bathroom. You can help cut down on wet nights by not letting him drink too much before bedtime and telling him that if he does wake up in the middle of the night he can call to you to help him get to the potty. You can also try leaving his potty near the bed in case he wants to use it.

Jump for joy — you’re done!

Believe it or not, when your child is ready to learn this new grown-up skill, he will. And if you wait until he’s really ready to start, the process shouldn’t be too painful for either of you. He will eventually be trained, and you won’t have to think about it again — at least, not until the next baby…

okeylah nak pi cari lai tips2 yg berguna supaya saya bley gunakan sebagai panduan...bila dah cukup ilmu nnti bleylah praktikkan...sblm tu menda utama yg perlu saya buat adalah gantikan karpet dengan tikar buluh atau tikar getah supaya senang nak cuci...yerlah fikir for the worst lah kan...hehe


strawberi said...

boleh..insya allah

cm sy dlu..blikan toilet cover utk kids tu..tkde la nk bli kan bekas kecik..yg dia poo lam tu..pstu kita cuci..
better bli cover toilet tu ape ntah namanya

pastu blikan spender katun yg dia suka...insya allah..okla tuh..

1st thing..sila simpan sume karpet anda..haha..nnt tak psl2 asik kena cuci...

juelee said...

eman boleh punya.. hehe saya pun dah start potty train rayyan, sbb next month rayyan dah masuk 2 tahun... plan nak antar playskool gak...

tapi mmg kene tabah la, macam aritu, every 1 hour saya kene bawa die kencing kat toilet... selama 4 jam pertama tu ok je, lepas tu selang 10 minit die kata nak kencing, saya ingt main2 skali naaaaa terus terkencing kat situ gak.. nak marah, takbboleh plak sbb salah sndiri, anak dah cakap tapi bt dek hahahhaha so pasrah je la mop.....

juelee said...

kak mimi, nnt saya kirim kek karamel kat boss k.. hikhik

mimie said...

thanks korang bg tips lagi yg byk membantu...nmpknye semangat nak kena lebay lai...nasib babysitter eman ponx bley diharap utk potty train nie..sbb ada sorg anak jagaan dia tu tgh potty train gak...

jue ~ thanks yer...nie yg sayang kat jue nie...tak sabar nak blk nak rasa...huhu

kak suzi said...

Ank akak start potty train masuk 2thn plus.kebetulan akak dh start dok umh so tekad nk free drypers..mula2 potty bowl dok sebelah je then tak pkai any underware.seminggu jgkla..bila dh reti rs nk kencing,asl maya nk kencing cpt2 bwk ke toilet.skrg alhamdulilah dia reti ke toilet sndr utk kencing.malam plak kdg ok,kdg basah gak akk letak lapik tilam so tht xbshla tilam.BUT ank akak hnya reti kencing je..berak kompem dlm seluar.dh bli potty train siap bertangga yg attach dgn toilet bowl pn dia tak tu la nk paksa pn masa awl2 dl lantai mmg ada ms basahla..pkaikn potty pants jgk.wish eman can do well in his potty training!

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