Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Foie Gras and Caviar Ice Cream

Japan is still the king of weird ice cream flavors, but France isn’t far behind after gourmet ice cream maker Philippe Faur released the … foie gras and caviar ice cream!

Candied Bacon Ice Cream
Because everyone likes bacon and there’s no reason to restrict its intake to breakfast, ice cream expert David Lebovitz experimented by making candied bacon ice cream. Considering that the resulting smoky/salty/cinnamon-tinged dessert got a thumbs up from his butcher, it seems that his recipe was a success.

Natural Viagra Ice Cream
Just what the ice cream shops have been missing – Viagra flavored ice cream. I just didn’t know Viagra had a flavor, nor do I want to know what it’s like.

Fish Ice Cream
Fish-flavoured ice-cream from Japan! Weird foods are plenty in East-Asia, but although fish and ice-cream are two perfectly normal ingredients, combining them together just seems wrong!

Octopus Ice Cream

Want to tantalize the taste buds with a tentacle? If so, Octopus Ice Cream is the go. Japanese have been able to come up with an amazing variety of uses for octopus, ranging from delicacy to porno movie prop. Little wonder that octopus has found its way into ice cream, then.

Charcoal Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream, a dark grey coloured ice cream that I have no idea about the taste - but I am guessing it's not that nice.

Curry Ice Cream

Curry flavored ice cream goes a long way toward putting the bomb into Bombay. the adventurous ones who try this ice cream will be rewarded with the taste of curry lingering in their mouths for hours.

Miso Ramen Ice Cream

An ice cream that really gets on the noodle of some, but the ramen and miso are both Japanese culinary favorites. If only the delicacies had been left in the noodle bowl instead of blended with ice cream.

Chili Pepper Ice Cream

Before partaking of this fiery ice cream, perhaps its best to remember that it’s made of the same stuff used in the capsicum spray used on those in an uncontrollable rage. Probably one of the only ice creams in existence that makes your mouth burn when you taste it.

Cheese Risotto Ice Cream

Italians are famous for raising their arms and gesturing in exasperation at the slightest provocation. Imagine how they be after learning that the Japanese have added one of Italy national dishes, and a savory one at that, to sweet ice cream.

Natural Salt Ice Cream

How sweet – salty ice cream. A real salt-of-the-earth taste for some, but others feel there little fine about this brine.

Dracula Cool Garlic Mint Ice Cream

Called Dracula because of its supposed effectiveness against vampires due to the garlic it contains, the unfortunate addition of mint flavor almost seems enough to drain anybody blood. A taste that seems to leave the mouth in an undead state. Definitely not to be eaten during daylight (and nighttime is best avoided, too).

Tomato Ice Cream

Rotten tomatoes descrine this ice cream taste. Imbibing this WMD (weapon of mouth destruction) is like letting a spoonful of freezing ketchup melt in your mouth.

mcmner korg ada berani nak rasa ice cream yg pelik2 nie? huhu klu saya tak lah kot sbb boleh membantutkan deria rasa klu org bgi RM100k saya mkn lah kot...hehe tp org jepun nie mmg pelik2 kan...tak kira lah dr segi cara hidup, style, mkanan, snek ponx pelik2...contoh saya ada wat kat entry sblm nie. Bizarre Japanese Snack.



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