Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today I Write Jom NonTon..huhu

ye entry smbgn yer..mlm smlm lps maghrib kitaorg ke mana? ke alamanda lah mana lai..hehe owh ye gbr atas sblm kuar mengayakan tudung yg bru beli..hehe

my dear nak mkn mcd's so kitaorg plan nak tgk wayang sekali.

ingat nak pi tgk quantum of solace tp biasalah walau byk mana ponx show tetap jugak kitaorg tgk bangkok gak citer nie tp ngeri sket lah sbb membunuh tanpa belas kasihan kan..citer psl darah nicolas cage yg blakon kan bestlah..cuma dlm citer tu dia nmpk buruk giler rmbt pjg keras...hahaha sgt tak sesuai oke ngan diri dia..

sblm tu kitaorg mkn mcd's set move it! move it! apa lai set madagascar lah..
(akak tak leh tahan ler dayah :p)..

bg sinopsis citer sket:

Hitman Joe (Nicolas Cage) goes to Bangkok for a month-long assignment, to kill four people for Bangkok ganglord Surat.

He hires pickpocket Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) as his go-between, a condition of the contract being that the gang will never meet Joe. Contracts from the Bangkok gangsters go through Kong via a nightclub dancer, who becomes romantically involved with Kong.

Joe's first execution is done in traffic with him riding a bike and stopping in front of the car. He then shoots the target and everyone in the car with a machine pistol. His second target is a hotel owner. Joe sneaks into the penthouse and kills the target by drowning him in the pool.

Originally he plans to kill Kong before he leaves but after Kong gives him information about the second target he begins to train Kong. For the third execution Kong assists Joe, the kill does not go as planned, with the target nearly getting away before Joe catches him and shoots him after a chase in front of many shocked onlookers. Before the third kill the gang attempt to identify Joe, he warns them off.

His fourth target is the Prime Minister of Thailand. Joe is about to make the kill when he has second thoughts, is spotted, and escapes through a panicking crowd. Joe is now a target and is attacked at his house by four gang members. He manages to use explosives to take them out and is faced with the choice of rescuing Kong or leaving the country unharmed. Joe decides to rescue Kong, so he sets off to the gang's headquarters with one of the half-alive attackers who was injured in the explosion at Joe's safe house.

Joe goes to the gang's headquarters, kills most of the gang and saves Kong and the dancer, Aom (Panward Hemmanee). The fearful gang leader flees to his car with three other accomplices. Joe spots him and shoots the gang members at the front of the car dead. After one of the gang in back of the car attempts to run to safety, Joe kills him. Joe gets into the back seat with Surat, the gang leader.

As the police arrive at the location, Joe is again in a difficult situation; he decides to use what is believed to be his last remaining bullet to kill.

end of the story dia tembak kepala dia sdri smpi terkeluar otak ~ ending yg tak best not like oke.. so sapa2 nak pi tgk are recommend oke..


*YAYA* said...

kate say no to mcD..
tapi dayah pun ntah sampai bile leh menahan diri ni...haha

mieoney aka zamimie said...

takperlah since tak mkn tiap2 minggu takperlah kot..hehe (cover, cover)

akak bleh jer tak mkn nasi lemak dh 3 minggu..hebat tak.. :P

*YAYA* said...

Cik lea asyik ajak g makan roti telur je kt cafe blkg..
cmne nak diet ni...huhu..

::S.U.K.M.A:: said...

walaweiii..pakai polka dots..dots nmpak.. Huhu act uma pon pakai gak..sib baik tak jumpe mimi..

mieoney aka zamimie said...

cbuk jer uma nie..hehe

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